1st great idea (of hopefully many more to come)

25 Aug

School started this past Monday. Over the summer I had already decided to go to not grading homework and implementing SBG. Well, that is a gigantic change (but makes complete sense) so I started reading some blogs about SBG. And I learned quickly you can never just look at one topic when you find a great blog – and trust me, I found a lot! So since I found lots of great information I thought I could use a lot of it my classroom right away, and I did.

One post I read was from misscalccul8 (love her blog btw) concerning bell ringers. So the next day I did one. The tip I enjoyed the most was concerning the purple pens – marking the correct answer with a green pen and then giving that student a green pen to help be a “checker” of right answers. Well of course I couldn’t find a bunch of purple pens that night – so I implemented it in my own way. I used my self-inking stamp (much faster) that said “Math Master” that I am going to use once student have mastered a concept in SBG. But of course I only had one, so the student helper thing didn’t quite work. But I LOVED the ease and speed of the stamp.

So during a free moment I went online and looked for a cheap self-inking stamp that I could purchase more of. But I was also thinking as I was walking around checking – kids could tell who got the questions right and who was still learning from their mistakes (big focus of my classroom this year) by if I stamped or not. I didn’t really like that. And then it came to me…….. wait for it……..

THUMBS UP self inking stamp! I can stamp it the correct way (thumbs up) when they have it right, and upside down (thumbs down) when they still need to work on the problem. I can train the helpers to do that as well.  And every paper will get stamped every time someone looks at.  Other students won’t know which way the thumb was facing.  Added bonus – I can see how many attempts it took a student to get the correct answer by how many thumbs down stamps they have before the thumbs up. And now my math master stamp is still saved for SBG.

Usually I’m a borrower of ideas (and I kind of am with this one) so I’m proud that I thought of this one on my own. Although there are probably 1001 other teachers out there that do this but at this point…I don’t care! : )

Please add any improvements to the idea or any pitfalls that you could see happen.

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