1st attempt at math stations

04 Sep

Well on Friday I attempted to implement math stations in my classroom.  The topic was Linear equations/graphs/etc.  I stole borrowed some of the stations from another blog (can’t seem to find it right now, but will link it when I do).  And I developed a few of my own.  For the most part it went well.  I would change a few things for next time – so here is my reflection.

Stations L – find the slope, y-intercept, and equation from graphs

Station I – answer 4 questions on whiteboards (figuring out tables from equations, misc)

Station N – find the slope, y-intercept, and equation from tables

Station E – taking a word problem and make a table, equation, graph, etc

Station A – Take an equation and find the slope, y-intercept, and make the graph

Station R – Go over their first concept quiz with me and their group members correcting their mistakes and then recording their scores in their individual folders!

In two of my classes I have 24 students and in 1 section I have 20 students.  I did groups of 4 and there were six tables (groups of desks) of 4 in my classroom


Good –

I liked having station R where I could go over kids mistakes and celebrate triumphs with the kids on a more personal level.  

I liked that I put the answers on the wall (taped into a file folder) that the kids could check once they were done.

I liked the math conversations that were taking place in the groups!  : )

I liked that I thought of putting a few of the station sheets (like the paper with the tables) in a sheet protector and giving the students dry erase markers (1st hour used overhead markers – really hard to get off) so they could mark the change in y and change in x (with the bird’s beak) on the paper. In future I might do that with all of the station paper so no one will write on them with their own pen.

Would change – 

It was hard in my classes of 24 for groups not to have to wait for a station to open up since each table was always full.  In my sixth hour I ended up moving the station around rather than the kids.  Not as fun and definitely was not ready for that as my stations were not labeled well.  Next time I will take a station(s) that takes longer and make sure I have a few extra copies and then have an extra set of desks so one station will always be open. If anyone has a great idea on how to fix this that would be appreciated! 

I didn’t like that some stations took a lot longer than others.  I will have to be more mindful of that.

I didn’t follow up at the end and have the students summarize what they learned, what helped, etc.  

I would be more systematic in how the groups were formed.  

I might do stations in the gym for a change of scenery.  

I didn’t have erasers for everyone to use with their white board markers – problem solved this weekend when I went to a dollar store and bought the markers that have the erasers on the lids (and little pom poms to glue to the tops of the markers I already have.  


So in conclusion – from what I saw I think I liked this a lot and will be looking to do this more often!  


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