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12 Sep

Just got done with the most amazing professional development opportunity.    Global Math Department (on is basically a weekly professional development opportunity where different presenters discuss different topics this week.  This week was my first experience with it and the topic was math review games (always a good one to have an arsenal of ideas for, so was very excited!)  I was so excited I even set an alarm on my phone for when I forgot about it, but then I actually remembered!  For those of you who don’t know me – IT’S  A MIRACLE!

First presenter (who we could see on the computer btw – very cool) discussed I have, who has.  I have done this game before but I liked the idea of  having the students have more than one card so they don’t think they are “off the hook” once their card has been used.

2nd presenter discussed a bidding review game (my sound went out for a little bit on this one so I don’t know all of the details, but I picked up the gist.  You give the students a set of problems (presenter had 16) and an answer for each problem.  Some of the answers listed are correct, some are not.  At home that night students need to decide which answers are correct and which are incorrect.  They come to class the next day and form teams.  The team decides which they think are right and start with 1000 points.  Teams then bid on questions that they think are right, but they don’t want to “win” the bid on questions that are wrong because they will loose 500 points at the end of the game if they end up with a “lemon” question.  The winning team is the team that ends up with the most correct questions won from the bidding.  If there is a tie, then look at how many points they have left.  Once again if they end up with a lemon question (wrong answer) from a bid, they loose the question and loose 500 points.     I see this as a great way to get kids engaged and also a great way to do error analyses with the wrong answers since you will deliberately make a mistake that students commonly make – just like those nasty standardized tests do (wouldn’t it be great if the answer choices in math were 10, George Washington, verb, and dog – or at least that what my kids think)

3rd presenter was “risk”.  You give the kids a set of questions and they start with 100 points.  After they answer the question they wager some/all/none of their 100 points based on how confident they are with their answer.  If they get it right, they increase their points by their wager amount.  If they get it wrong, they decrease.  Someone in the chat referred it to a lot of rounds of double jeopardy.

4th presenter was very cool and could easily be adapted to a review or a worksheet.  Basically it involves the kids making a clock with only 12, 3, 6, and 9 labeled.  Then you have them take 2 minutes to walk around and make “appointments” with other students. Once they are done making appointments they have a seat (so you know who is left). Then you start by saying it’s time for your 12 o’clock appointment.  They find their partner and you tell them what problems to work, like 12-18.  Then after a certain amount of time – she suggested you use a time – it becomes time for their next “appointment” and they find their next partner.  She also stressed that you should be random with the problems you assign so kids don’t work ahead.  Whatever doesn’t get done in appointment time or doesn’t get assigned becomes homework.  Fun little twist on doing partner review work I thought.

5th presenter was “swat it” – I can just see my 8th graders now!  She used this with vocabulary but could also use math facts, graphs, equations, solving one step equations, words into expressions (wow – the ideas just coming out of my fingers!)  You have choices projected onto the wall and have the word you are trying to find at the top.  Two teams line up behind a certain line (put tape on the floor) and the 2 people in front have fly swatters.  Once they see the word at the top, they need to try and be the first person to “swat” the matching definition or whatever.  What is great about fly swatters – if they were really close, one HAS to be on the bottom (she stresses to kids to leave the swatter on the wall after they have swatted.)  She also stresses that teams will loose a point if they swat something (mainly someone!) with the flyswatter.  I’m just wondering if I could resist swatting the students – jk!  We talked about how she uses a powerpoint and projects onto a wall, could also just write the definitions on the board (but what was nice about the powerpoint is she would change the position of the choices every so often to keep kids paying attention.)  Not for sure what I would do since I project onto a smartboard, but I’ll have to come up with something cuz I’m totally in love with this.  Here is the link given for swat it

6th presenter – smartboard game – basically divide the class into two teams.  Roll a die to see what team goes first and then ask a question.  If the team that is up gets the question right they get a point, if they can explain how they got the answer they get another point.  If they get it wrong the other team can steal the points.

I kind of do a version like this when I play Jeopardy.  2 teams and the kids answer the questions on their clickers (aka Smart response systems).  One team chooses ABCD the other team chooses EFGH.  Let’s say the correct answer is A/E, whichever letter has the higher percentage getting it right gets the points for that question.  Nice thing about this is everyone needs to answer the question and I can see what percentage of the class gets it right immediately!  Love my clickers – I inserted a pic in case you don’t know what I’m talking about!

Holy cow that got long – but I wanted to write a summary before I forgot!  What was really cool is that most of the presenters were bloggers that I have been faithfully stealing ideas from following since I started reading blogs and I actually got to hear their voices and see them as well as steal hear some more great ideas.  Next week is on statistics.  Don’t deal with that as much, but these people are so knowledgeable/helpful I think I’ll hang out anyway and maybe their awesomeness will permeate through the screen!

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  1. I Speak Math

    September 12, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Wow! Great summary! I took notes while watching last night but this post is much better! Thanks!


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