20 Sep

Recap – this is my first year of implementing standards based grading as well as planning my own lessons for things rather than just “following the book”. Well tonight I was dreading making the lesson I had to plan and grading the concept quizzes that I had given (and procrastinating btw) to where I was second guessing what I had gotten myself into. But now I have renewed energy after grading just one set.

At the end of every concept quiz I have students write down what score they think they earned and why. One kid who has been struggling put a 4 (highest possible) and his reason was “BECAUSE I GOT IT!” and he was right. He got everything correct and he has now proved that he knows what he is doing. I can’t wait to see the smile on his face when I hand back his quiz tomorrow. Things like that are why I do this!

An added bonus – I can actually name off the kids who still can not write an equation of a line. I am ashamed to say that I honestly have never been able to do that with exact certainty that I have now. That is also exciting to be able to provide help to those who truly need it.

What I thought was going to be a bad night turned into a really good one..although I still need to grade 70 more quizzes and develop a bingo game for tomorrow… Oh well…this post will always help me remember why I do it. Maybe I should also take a camera tomorrow and catch that smile!

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