Six words that may greatly influence my classroom

01 Oct

So I have gotten a lot of great ideas from entering the math edublogosphere (just got my book covers for the back of desks and my giant markerboards for white boarding this weekend!  Yeah!).  But I used this idea today and I saw instant results and it was very exciting.  Usually I pause a lot during my teaching and would say “are there any questions”.  Well after reading one of the many blogs that I read I saw an idea (and I honestly don’t remember where I saw it so if that person ever happens to read this blog – like that would happen…please let me know if was you so I can give you proper credit) ok – back to the topic at hand – Instead of “are there any questions” I said “I’m going to pause for questions” – I bet you are thinking – not much different.  But honestly it was.  One hour I had four questions right then – more “what if” type questions, but they were questions.  Now honestly I don’t know if they would have asked their questions had I said “are there any questions” but I’m guessing they wouldn’t have.

I think it was having to do with the second phrase is me expecting questions and allowing them.  So I’m excited to see if 1) I can train my brain that is very much used to the first way to say “I’m going to pause for questions” and 2) if I will continue to see the increase in the number of questions asked!  Can’t wait!

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