C U G formative assessment

20 Feb

I just attended a session at Global Math Department. The topic was formative assessments. Last year I attended a training where I picked up a good idea for having kids self-assess on tests/quizzes. In front of each question put a C U and G. Instruct students to circle one of those letters after they answer each question.

Circle C for “I was confident in my answer”
Circle U for “I was uncertain of my answer”
Circle G for “I guessed”

This really works well for some of my multiple choice standardized test prep activities.

While grading the tests be thinking about things like “17 kids were uncertain out of 20, we need to spend more time on this”. Or “billy guessed on over half of the test, we need to work together reviewing”. Or better yet “10 students were confident in their answer but got it wrong, what mistake are they all making” (or in my case sometimes “is my answer key wrong” haha)

It is also good for the kids to analyze their questions right/wrong with how they circled C U G. They really want to find their mistake is they had chosen C. Hard part I have is sometimes getting them to care on the questions where they circled G and got it right guessing.

I haven’t done this in awhile but I’ve gone to short quizzes in my college calc class that I think this will work great in. Glad Global Math made me think of this tonight.

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