How to get pre-calc kids to want to practice identities?

22 Feb

We have started the identities chapter in pre-calc class. In my opinion kids just need practice, and lots of it. So that is what we did today. I give a bunch of problems, they would pick they ones we wanted to go over and we would. Until halfway through I thought they (and me) we dragging. So I decided we should play trashketball. That got their interest. Decided it was them against me. They needed to come up with a team answer (as a class). If they were right they got to shoot for points (further back they stand when they shoot the more points they get if they make it). Every time they answered a problem I also got to shoot. Fun things that happened:

1) they would argue discuss with each other if people had conflicting answers. I even had kids get up out of their seat to go over and show how to do the problem correctly, because I wouldn’t take a team (class) answer until they all truly agreed.

2)students would always try to shoot from way back. I always shot for 3 points (about 6 feet away – yes, I have trashketball markings on my floor!) I was on FIRE with my short shot.

3)with 2 minutes left of class I told them we were done (I was leading 7 to 6). They BEGGED me to do another trig identity problem so they could win! Gee kids I guess we can squeeze one more in! Haha. Funny part was they still missed the shot. I win! 🙂 But as they walked out after the bell rang a kid grabbed the ball and asked if he made it from the door if we could call it a tie, I said sure. Wouldn’t you know – he made it. Good day in Pre-calc.

P.S. there are different ways to play trashketball. Google it and you’ll find lots of ideas.

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