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MCTM 2013 Spring Conference Session

Here are my slides (hopefully I have linked them correctly) for you to view. Also, here is my livebinders link to all of the things I am going to talk about/demonstrate for your viewing pleasure. Please comment here or email beckyrahm at if you have any questions or comments. Also – please leave a comment of one of your favorite ways to review with students.

For those of you who happen upon this and were not at MCTM – my session title was “Review Activities – Besides a Worksheet” – Students need more practice, ut are bored with worksheets? Come and discover ways for kids to practice besides a worksheet. Presented at 8:15 on Saturday morning (note to self – if I ever decide to present again, send in some money with my application to try and avoid the Saturday morning, 8:15 session! ha)

Update – after the session – thanks to all who came (and didn’t volunteer – note to self, bring calculator along next time so I can use random number generator to pick volunteers and I need to ALWAYS volunteer in a session where one is asked for, so the presenter doesn’t feel awkward – haha). If you weren’t able to attend the session, the PowerPoint probably won’t help as much because it was really just for me to remember what I was going to talk about next (in other words I just didn’t read from the slides), but everything I did talk about is referenced on the livebinder site linked above (with probably an even better explanation than I gave). Also I will keep updating the livebinder when I find other great ideas to steal, use. Or keep checking my blog.

Also could someone post in the comments the game ideas that were shared by attendees, I know there were some great ones that I was excited about, but with it being Saturday morning, my nerves about the session, and me not writing them down, I seem to have forgotten them. My bad. So post a comment if you would please (or if you weren’t there please still just comment on your favorite review activity). Thanks.

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